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Frank M. Staebe

Hello, my name is Frank Staebe. I have more than 25 years of  managerial-level experience and a solid background on various functions, including IT, Legal, HR, Licensing, Logistics, Operations, Warehousing, and Distribution functions, gained from working at several global organisations, as well as sitting on many diverse Boards and Committees.

Acknowledged as a Fellow of the Certified Public Accountants of Australia (CPA), I have developed a strong belief in professional excellence and the necessity for people to be passionate about their work. Taking into account these two non-negotiable characteristics, I believe that the key ingredient to the success of a business is that, we all be more open to change, new ideas, and out of the box thinking. Leadership’s role also entails ensuring that staff are energized and motivated, eager to be a part of that organizational journey, and wanting to be the very best that they can.

I  have valued my experiences in a number of industries and organisations, not only learning from the wide and varied roles, but believe I have also made a significant contribution to the successes of those enterprises.


Corporations worked for include, Philips Electronics, PolyGram, Philip Morris and Shell. Postings have been in Australia, Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and  Germany (global roles).


Most recently I have spent 10 years in helping to steer one of the largest and most successful Not for Profit organisations in Australia (Salvos Stores, Salvation Army).

What do I bring to the Table?


My core values of  honesty, integrity, positive ethics, hard working, compassionate, out-of-the-box thinker, ability to understand both the finer details of an organisation's operation and their impact on the overall  enterprise. No-nonsense, strategic thinker with ability to lead, motivate and adopt a balanced stakeholder view.

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