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Board and Committee Experience


Independent Non Executive Director EMDR Association of Australia 2021 - Present

Working together with a talented Board, supporting a very progressive and important NFP association, promoting a unique and successful Mental Health treatment.

Salvos Stores Executive Board (alternative Chair) 2007-2016

Mapping out (and in-part writing) the strategy for Salvos Stores, thereafter keeping track of performance monthly & annual, discussion of major issues and tracking implementable projects as well as monitoring the external sphere of operation (incl. governmental legislation and support of charity sector, competitor marketplace, recruitment of volunteers, third party strategic alliances etc…)

Salvos Stores Finance & Expenditure Board – Chairman 2007-2016

Met fortnightly, to discuss imminent planned expenditures and the business cases behind new business ventures, authorising such expenditures and authorising operational expenditures that were over and above the individual authorisation levels of the CEO, COO and other staff.


Salvos Stores IT implementation Steering Committee – (Sponsor) 2010-2012

Mainframe Accounting and Call Centre systems. Would meet on a regular basis to map out the progress and monetary and personnel resources required to ensure successful implementations. Ensured that projects were implemented according to scope in a timely manner and within budget.


Salvos Stores Risk Management Committee 2012-2016

Develop and oversee the risk management framework and infrastructure. Address risk and strategy simultaneously, including consideration of risk appetite. Monitoring of the identified risks. Oversee risk exposures.


NACRO Victorian Board 2009-2013

Board representative member of one of the six major charitable recycling organisations in Victoria. Our mission was to strategically work out the direction of the recycling industry in Victoria. Reliant on public donations, we would need to protect the landscape from both commercial operators (positioning themselves as charities) as well as keeping abreast of Federal & State legislative changes affecting the sector. NACRO Victorian Board Chairman and Member of the National Board 2011-2013

Board chairman for the monthly meetings. Representative for one of six major charitable recycling organisations operating in Victoria. Represented the State and Salvos Stores on the National Board.


Victorian Black Saturday Bushfires Relief Committee 2009

Sat on the cross-department and organisational committee chaired by Craig Lapsley at the time, to work out how to best deal with the Victorian Emergency in the wake of the Black Saturday bushfires. My role covered the Salvation Army’s material response, including donated products, logistics, distribution and warehousing.


Philips Medical Systems Business Group Digital Imaging Leadership Board 2001-2005

As Senior Vice President sat on the PMS Business Group Board (Euro3.5 Bill. Sales Organisation). Monthly meetings to discuss input to strategic direction of the organisation, strategy implementation and how to best overcome any impediments. Review of performance, results, competitors & other project implementations.


Other Board and Committee roles… Pre 2000

Philips Medical Systems Regional Audit Committee (Asia Pacific)

Philips Medical Systems Regional Executive Board (Asia Pacific)

Philips Medical Systems Regional Finance Board (Asia Pacific)

Philips Medical Systems Regional Merger and Acquisition Steering Committee (Asia Pacific)


Also a member of the Directors Institute, have undertaken the on-line training and accredited Board Directors Course units at Bond University

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