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Career Achievements

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Salvos Stores


  • As Victorian Chairman of NACRO instrumental in obtaining $2 Mill. Annual grant from Victorian relation to payment of Landfill Levies.

  • Played a strong leadership role on the Boards and Committees I served upon during my tenure at Salvos Stores.

  • Established charity textile export business for Salvos Stores from scratch. Net approx. $ 1.5 Mill. p.a.

  • Responsible for writing and enacting the Bushfire Emergency Response Plan blueprint  on behalf of Salvos Stores during the Victorian Bushfire Crisis

  • Responsible for moving the previous warehouse location to much larger premises on the other side of the city, to match the growth needs of the organisation.

  • Established a state of the art Call Centre. Trained and Upskilled a new CC Team, introduced new software and tied the reporting into logistics capacity.

  • Together with the CEO, co-wrote and updated the Salvos Strategy Plan. This was then subjected to Board discussion and approval.

  • As organisation’s 2IC, often filled in the CEO’s role as acting (during his absence due to business trips, holidays or illness). Upon CEO’s retirement, became the interim CEO until permanent appointment made.  

  • Was responsible for the organisation’s Volunteer base. At the time I was given this responsibility, volunteers at SS numbered approx.1100. By the time I left SS (4 years later), the numbers of Volunteers had grown to approx. 4500 . This also attracted federal government retail training funding of circa $2.5 Mill pa. for our organisation.

  • Brought carbon accounting and the Triple Bottom Line reporting to Salvos Stores. Introduced systems to assist with ongoing monitoring.

  • By my final year at SS had the responsibility for a portfolio of 230 property leases. Standardised a sophisticated lease profitability / payback model, used in the evaluation of any new proposals for entering into Leases or renewing of existing leases.

  • Devised a car donations model for implementation between SS and Pickles Motor Vehicles Auctions.

  • In the 10 years during my tenure at SS, presided over year on year performance improvement consistently. Became the number one charity recycler in Australia.

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Philips Medical Systems Logo.jpg

Philips Medical Systems

  • Sat on as a senior member and SVP of the PMS Business Group Leadership Board

  • Member of  Philips Medical Systems Global Currency Management Steering Committee. Main task was developing Strategies for effective Hedging and protection of  Euro results.

  • Sat on Audit Committee and Black Belt process implementation committees.

  • Day to day finance responsibility & commercial support,(size of Business Group, Digital Imaging Systems TO = €3.5 Bill.= approx. A$5.0, Bottom Line €350 Mill.=approx.A$500 Mill.).

  • Financial  responsibility for unbroken result improvements and ensuring the budgeted targets being surpassed (1998-2005).  

  • Played a pivotal role in acquisition and merger integration of a number of businesses into the growing PMS Business  Group portfolio. They included:-

    • Marconi Medical (CT and MR businesses) Cleveland, Ohio

    • ADAC (Nuclear Medicine business) Palo Alto, California

    • ATL (Ultrasound) Seattle, Washington State

    • Biometrix (Flat Detector Plates) Eindhoven, Netherlands

    • FIMI (Medical Monitors) Milan, Italy

  • Joint-Venture factory set up and integration into Philips (Shenyang, China) covering X Ray, MR, CT.

  • Developed a full site closure & factory move plan for our Nuclear Medicine factory in California and Biometrix in Eindhoven, Netherlands   

  • Review R&D investment opportunities. Implemented  risks and results audits with pre and post calculation audits.

  • Successful implementation of Business Risk Assessment and Business Controls processes within all Business units

  • Introduced Balanced Scorecard Reporting based on exception criteria for all Business Lines within the Business Group.

  • Direct responsibility for all IT projects and spends within the Business.

Implementation of SAP ERP Medical System kernels throughout the BL X Ray factories in Europe.

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