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My Testimonials


“I have worked with Frank for approx. 3.5 years during which time we have together helped to grow a significant  portion of the Philips Medical systems business. Business Group (BG) Digital Imaging Systems, represents in total  approx. 40% of the total Medical Systems global business (well over. €3 Bill.) and together with Frank, we formed a  very effective leadership team, typical for successful CEO / CFO combinations in global organizations.   Frank, not only brought his considerable financial expertise to our team, but also proved a very welcome sparring partner,  on any number of business & senior management issues that would arise both locally and internationally. His convincing  style of stating certain business cases and putting a particular point of view forward, would have the effect of often  convincing me of a particular course of action. Frank’s ability in this regard, I appreciated and valued greatly. “

Juergen Tiemann    2004   CEO, Business Group Digital Imaging Systems  Executive Vice President Philips Medical Systems

“Frank is a very focused and detail driven individual who delivered not only current projects on time, but innovated the way the business operated so as to have leading edge technologies, as well as best practice outcomes. Frank puts integrity before all other attributes and showed compassion and understanding to both staff and volunteers alike, whilst at the same time being able to demand nothing less than the ‘best efforts’ from both staff and volunteers. As Chief Operating Officer Frank was also a member of the Salvos Stores Executive Board and acted as CEO in my absence. Over the ten-year period that I have known Frank Staebe I am also proud to call him a friend as well as a colleague. Frank’s dedication and commitment to both his business and personal life is exceptional”

Allen Dewhirst   2017  CEO,  Salvos Stores, The Salvation Army Australia

“Frank was a long serving employee of Salvos Stores and was held in very high regard both in terms  of his work performance and personal integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Frank as a man of integrity, having demonstrated values  consistent  with  those  of  The  Salvation  Army.  Additionally,  he  was  a  very  competent  leader in his sphere of influence. “


Bruce A Stevens (Lieut. Colonel)  2017 National Secretary for Communications, The Salvation Army

“Frank is a straight shooter, tells it how it is and manages through motivating those around  him, to ensure that the business moves forward. Yet whilst being a very commercially orientated CFO, he has also  made all aware of their fiduciary responsibilities and has thereby implemented such controls necessary to ensure that  Sarbanes Oxley requirements have been met. Compliancy with Philips Business Principles and other external and  internal auditing requirements, have also been a major legacy that Frank has helped this organization with. “ 

Juergen Tiemann    2004   CEO, Business Group Digital Imaging Systems  Executive Vice President Philips Medical Systems

“Frank is very reliable, a person who accepts and fulfils responsibility well and a person of integrity. I have no hesitation in commending Frank to you.”

Rev. Dr. Bill Brown  Senior Pastor, Syndal Baptist Church  May 2017

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